Explosive Manufacturing

Tech Ord is the only facility in the United States that has a full-scale, US Army qualified process for the production of  Lead Azide PB(N3)2. Tech Ord has the ability to produce Dextrinated Lead Azide (MIL-L-3055), RD-1333 Lead Azide (MIL-DTL-46225), and Special Purpose Lead Azide (MIL-L-14758). Tech Ord supplies these lead azide variants to the US Defense sector for use in ammunition and fuze detonators, and to various commercial sectors, including the mining industry for blasting caps and detonators. The automated and remote-monitored manufacturing process ensures exceptional and repeatable quality control, resulting in superior product handling and performance. Tech Ord’s on-site analytical laboratory provides the capability for full product characterization and certification to military standards and/or customer specifications.

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Tech Ord

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