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Spectra Technologies
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Spectra is a small business (NAICS Code 332993), whose single-minded focus is lean, efficient loading and assembly of ordnance using safe energetic materials processing methods and modern manufacturing automation to yield a precision, high-quality product. Our explosives processing expertise includes: Mix/Cast/Cure, pressing and machining, melt-casting, horizontal mixing, injecting, extruding and the associated pilot-scale laboratory equipment. Large, temperature/humidity controlled curing bays and 420Kv/6Mev digital radiographic inspection facilities and equipment complement our comprehensive explosive loading operations. We have experience processing and loading more than 40 different explosive and propellant formulations. Spectra Technologies Engineering, Quality, Program Management, Safety/Environmental/Health, Materials, Security, and Management expertise provides comprehensive service for explosive ordnance products and materials chemistry. Objective evidence is provided by our independent certification to AS9100 and ISO 9001 quality standards. This experience includes the concept, design, set-up, and day-to-day program and production execution for operations involving complex energetic processes. These include new innovative technologies such as explosives injector technologies loading IM explosives. Spectra is uniquely positioned with a full complement of explosives loading equipment which together provide for an excellent capability to perform design pilot work and full-rate production. The benefit of this focus yields variability reduction in our processes, an increase in product reliability, and reduced costs while raising the bar in our market segment, achieving process controls in Six Sigma (6σ) and eliminating people sensitive errors.